Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mission: find a house

We arrived back at Mum's yesterday, Mum and I drove back on the boat having left at horrible oclock in the morning. The boys waved us off. It was funny being on the outside, I'm usually there watching them waving everybody off. I want to get this to work for them, there's alot of pressure on me, mostly from me alone, to get this bit right.
The game is to find somewhere to live so we can start our lives - them at school, me at work. The school holidays is a long time on the one hand, if we get in quick, we will have to find all manor of ways to entertain them until school starts, if it takes longer, we have at least until the 1st of September to start school.
I've made contact with a few agents, but so far, only one I've managed to actually speak to. The question of being able to qualify based on an income of 52.000 euros is one that, in theory we just about make, but we don't have the peice of paper in Dutch from Dutch employers so I'm working on the basis that expecting to pay twice as much up front should be a reasonable alternative. I don't have reassurance as such, but my gut feeling is it will be down to the landlord.
Its raining in N'gein pretty steadily, I wanted to be at Chantal's today catching up. I've tried various ways to contact her but got no response since speaking to her Mum last week. I didn't quiz her at the time as it all sounded a bit bad and thought that we all were expecting Chantal to contact me and tell me herself what was going on. When that didn't happen, I wasn't sure what to think. I've just rang her parent's house and spoke to her Dad, it seems that as the brain damage grows and changes it is zonking her out and making her sleep all the time. Sounds terrifying, I can't imagine how they cope but I know they do. Rob's going to let Chantal know I'm waiting to hear from her, I guess it's a question of if she's going to be awake for long enough to see me today. At least if I'm back in Holland I can see her more often, maybe even help her in some way with her recovery.
Mum and I are going to Aqua aerobics tomorrow morning, I managed to forget my swimming costume..again.. so, yes bought a tankini - I had one that's fallen apart so I thought at least I'm replacing that with something I do need. I am not intending to buy much else if I can avoid it, this isn't a shopping trip.
I don't have any viewings booked yet but I really hope this guy I spoke to will have something for us for tomorrow afternoon, Mum's going to bring me into Utrecht tomorrow afternoon, so we can, in theory go and look at something together, so far the Chantal plan hasn't panned out but I hope I can begin to reverse the trend.

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